One of the biggest questions any NFL fan has going into each year is: How much are NFL ticket prices this season? 

We at TickPick have provided all of the info you’ll need below in order to determine what prices you can expect to pay in order to see your favorite team play this season. Keep in mind that the prices reflect those set by sellers on TickPick in particular, which is the cheapest secondary marketplace of any ticket site, and the only one that charges absolutely no service fees.

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Average Ticket Prices Per NFL Team

The following average ticket prices for NFL teams listed below are ranked by their 2019 prices, from most to least expensive. Please keep in mind that all prices discussed below are for sales that have come through as of 9/25. We’ll continue to provide updates throughout the season, as prices continue to change.

Average Ticket Cost
NFL Team 2017 2018 2019
New England Patriots $348 $355 $501
Chicago Bears $186 $246 $376
Green Bay Packers $226 $243 $243
New Orleans Saints $160 $216 $301
Denver Broncos $264 $196 $278
Seattle Seahawks $223 $236 $248
Philadelphia Eagles $199 $208 $256
Pittsburgh Steelers $201 $195 $221
Los Angeles Chargers $191 $157 $191
Washington Redskins $109 $131 $167
Dallas Cowboys $225 $141 $258
Cleveland Browns $62 $80 $190
Oakland Raiders $179 $145 $149
Kansas City Chiefs $90 $102 $209
Miami Dolphins $139 $104 $143
Detroit Lions $117 $108 $122
Houston Texans $123 $126 $145
Minnesota Vikings $156 $172 $187
San Francisco 49ers $98 $126 $178
Baltimore Ravens $105 $100 $129
Tennessee Titans $127 $185 $148
Atlanta Falcons $210 $136 $170
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $153 $151 $150
New York Jets $75 $88 $117
Cincinnati Bengals $70 $86 $114
Carolina Panthers $156 $169 $131
Arizona Cardinals $107 $82 $93
New York Giants $155 $137 $152
Los Angeles Rams $108 $119 $114
Jacksonville Jaguars $61 $113 $98
Indianapolis Colts $59 $107 $114
Buffalo Bills $86 $63 $105

The NFL Teams with the Most Expensive Tickets

1. New England Patriots

The most expensive NFL tickets this year are those of the New England Patriots, who have by far the most expensive tickets of any team, and with good reason, as they’ve won two of the last three Super Bowls, while playing in a third. Patriots fans know that there’s an excellent chance that their team is going to win when they play at home, and they were undefeated (9-0, including playoffs) at Gillette Stadium in 2018.

2. Chicago Bears

Bears fans have seen their team’s ticket prices steadily increase over each of the last two seasons, which aligns with their increase in competitiveness. This resulted in the team winning 12 games and an NFC North Division title in 2018, after finishing in fourth place (last) in the division in each of the previous four seasons.

3. Green Bay Packers

The Packers finished just behind their hated rival in Chicago in our team rankings for highest ticket prices, as the average ticket cost through this point of the year is $278 per ticket. Despite playing in by far the game’s smallest market, Green Bay fans pack out the legendary Lambeau Field to see their team play during every home game, and often pay top dollar to do so. As long as Aaron Rodgers is under center, this team should be a Super Bowl contender, and fans know it, which makes it an easier pill to swallow when paying up for seats.

The NFL Teams with the Cheapest Tickets

32. Buffalo Bills

Playing in one of the NFL’s smallest markets and having a poor track record over the past two decades or so (2018’s surprise playoff berth notwithstanding) is a good recipe for having ticket prices that are the cheapest in the league.

This isn’t to say that Bills fans don’t show up and support their team when they play, as they actually have among the strongest attendance figures in terms of filling out their stadium. Buffalo certainly has the look of a team on the rise heading into the 2019 season, so don’t be surprised to see their average ticket prices go up in the very near future.

31. Indianapolis Colts

Despite having a solid team, tickets for Colts games are just behind (or above, depending how you look at it) the Bills for the cheapest in the NFL. Fans seem to be catching on, however.

The price of Colts tickets were the cheapest of any NFL team in any of the past two seasons in 2017 – costing an average of $59 per ticket while the team was without Luck at QB. That was an expected dismal year, but ticket prices nearly doubled in 2018, when the team made the playoffs on the back of a strong and healthy campaign by Luck.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars play in one of the NFL’s smallest markets and haven’t had much success in their recent history, qualifying for the playoffs just once in the last eleven seasons. These factors combine to help keep ticket costs low in Jacksonville, whose fans have their eyes set on a bounce-back year with their new franchise quarterback, former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. Average ticket prices are considerably higher than they were during a poor 2017 season, which was the year before their surprising run to the AFC Championship Game.

If this team comes out strong to start the 2019 season, expect the prices to increase quickly, as this fan base comes out to support the team when they’re competitive.

The Most Expensive Individual NFL Game Ticket Prices

Some matchups are definitely more anticipated than most, and when you add in rivalry games between competitive teams, average ticket prices for a game can be as much as they will be for a game all season.

The usual suspects are among the teams playing in some of the most expensive individual games, with the Patriots playing in games that rank as four of the top five in highest average price. Their home opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 8th is the most expensive game of the season as of now, with fans paying an average of $727 per ticket for that contest. Their games against the Dallas Cowboys on November 24th and the Browns on October 27th will run fans an average of $706 and $613, respectively.

The most expensive game of the upcoming season (non-Patriots division) is the league’s season opener that’s to be played on Thursday, September 5th. It pits rivals Chicago and Green Bay against one another in The Windy City, and the average cost fans have paid per ticket as of now is $580.

The Cowboys are part of another one of the season’s most anticipated and expensive matchups with the New Orleans Saints on September 29th that will cost $443 per ticket, on average.

NFL Ticket Price Updates for 2019

What an out-of-nowhere MVP season from your franchise quarterback can do: prices for Kansas City Chiefs games heading into this season are an average of $175, which doesn’t seem too high until you compare that to prices heading into the 2017 season – before Patrick Mahomes was under center. A ticket for a game at Arrowhead Stadium would run you an average of $90 in the pre-Mahomes era.

Similar to what’s happened in Kansas City when a team has stability under center and Super Bowl aspirations, the Cleveland Browns went from a laughingstock who were coming off of a winless 0-16 campaign in 2017 – when the average ticket price to a Browns game was just $62 – to the average ticket price nearly tripling in just two seasons. The average price of a Browns ticket heading into 2019 now sits at $185

Some simple forecasting for teams whose fans should expect a bump in average ticket prices are both the Los Angeles Rams and the Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas) Raiders, who are each moving into new stadiums beginning in the 2020 season. Los Angeles and Las Vegas are both glitzy markets that plenty of fans will travel to in order to experience the new and beautiful stadiums, so this may be the last opportunity for Rams and Raiders fans to see their team at home at a reasonable cost for quite some time.

How To Get the Cheapest NFL Tickets

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