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Selling Super Bowl tickets in 2020 has been quite the adventure thus far. With a wide open field full of teams who can all emerge from the pack to play in the big game on February 3rd, interest is still peaked among numerous fan bases. If you haven’t seen enough pricing breakdowns already, check out our post on How Much Super Bowl Tickets Cost.

So how should you be trying to sell your Super Bowl tickets? Well, you can list your tickets for sale on TickPick, or any of the other major marketplaces. This will require you to continuously update your prices with the market to stay competitive, of course. You will also need to decide whether or not you want to sell your tickets quickly and price them to sell, or if you want to be patient, price your tickets high, and wait for the cheaper tickets sell first. You run the risk of leaving money on the table with either method you choose.

The other option may be significantly more attractive to many of you, and it certainly is significantly easier. TickPick offers a bidding platform for its users that allows them to set the price they are willing to pay for tickets in a given section. So what does this mean for selling Super Bowl tickets? Well, prior to listing your tickets for sale, you can check to see if there are any active bids in the section you have tickets in, and if you are willing to sell the tickets at that price you can hit the bid.

Take a look at the screenshot below of TickPick’s Sell Page:

What Is required of me to sell My super bowl tickets?

As the Super Bowl is by far the most expensive event of the year, for which tickets are the hardest to come by, TickPick and other marketplaces will require an additional level of seller vetting in order to ensure any sale will go smoothly for both the buyer and seller – as well as guarantee that the tickets are 100% legitimate.

  • Do you already have these tickets in your possession?
  • If so, can you please provide a picture of the tickets?
  • If not, when are you scheduled to receive them?
  • Where or who are you actually receiving these tickets from? Do you have proof of purchase you are able to provide?
  • Are the tickets listed for sale anywhere else?

Keep in mind that those of you who are looking to sell your Super Bowl tickets that you’ve purchased through TickPick does not require many of the above conditions be met, as all ticket brokers who list and sell their Super Bowl tickets on TickPick are thoroughly vetted, and have been 100% successful in delivering authentic tickets for all sales to this event in the past, giving us no doubt that those tickets will give the buyer a great experience.

Note: if you sell your Super Bowl tickets on TickPick you can get paid via check on the spot when you deliver the tickets to our office in Miami.

If you have any questions about the selling process on TickPick do not hesitate to contact us at our support email at [email protected] or our phone line at 845-538-4567.

Ticket marketplace. Resellers may list tickets above or below face value.

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