In what may be the MLB’s most innovative idea ever, the league has announced that in 2020, there will be a very special two-game series between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox. What makes these games so special is that they will be played right next to the actual shooting location of the 1989 classic baseball-centric Kevin Costner film, Field of Dreams.

The games are set to occur in a temporary 8,000 seat stadium that will be set up an Aaron Judge homer away from where the iconic scenes were filmed in Dyersville, Iowa. Rest assured that they’re building it, and people will come.

It’s never too early to familiarize yourself with the seating configurations of this temporary and unique venue. In this regularly updated post, you will find the most up-to-date MLB Field of Dreams Seating Chart information, including row and seat numbers, seat views, face value ticket prices, and much more.

MLB Field of Dreams Seating Chart

While the configurations for this new stadium haven’t yet been made official, we’ll have it posted here once it does.

MLB Field of Dreams Ticket Prices

Prices for tickets to these games are expected to be incredibly high, and they may be the single most in demand games of the entire MLB regular season in 2020. The resale market is expected to be at a premium, with the lack of inventory from the get-go in an incredibly small stadium, by MLB standards. With a team like the Yankees involved, interest will be peaked by fans of the team and baseball in general alike.

As is the case with the seating configuration, we’ll post ticket prices as soon as they’re released by MLB.

MLB Field of Dreams Parking

Parking is expected to be limited, but not enough to hinder the amount of fans that the league will know are going to be there, so expect temporary lots. There are lots on either side of the original field that will be south of the new stadium, but they certainly aren’t made to hold enough people to fill the 8,000 person stadium. We expect parking to not be an issue for this game.

How to Get the Cheapest Field of Dreams Tickets

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