It’s been four years since Portugal. The Man dropped their eighth studio album Evil Friends, by far the longest stretch the band has left between albums. From 2006-2013, Portugal. The Man were releasing new albums every year, and considering the critical acclaim that came after Evil Friends, fans were baffled as to why the band left such a big gap before giving word on a new album.

Just a few months ago, Portugal. The Man announced that they will be out with a new record this Summer titled Woodstock, and in the past couple of months brought two new singles with them. “Feel It Still” is a definite departure from their alternative rock sound. In describing the vibe of the album, guitarist Eric Howk lists inspiration from Mike D of the Beastie Boys to Missy Elliot, to Mo Town and other artists who fortified the era of 90’s hip-hop. It seems that Portugal. The Man is dabbling with sounds foreign to them, such as R&B samples and electric drums, as evidenced on “Feel It Still”. Check out the song and video below:

Woodstock, which will include “Feel It Still” and previously released single “So Young” will arrive on shelves and streaming services June 16th. The title Woodstock will inevitably make listeners draw connections to the 60’s, to a time of heightened political activism and consciousness. The band had this in mind while creating the new album, and though they didn’t want to be right on the nose about it–Woodstock is still a pop record–they definitely wanted to produce an album that both says something and is entertaining to listen to. And with this current political climate, Portugal. The Man has plenty of material to reflect back on, considering how both the country and the band have drastically evolved over the past four years.

Portugal the man

In a press release, Portugal. The Man stated “the world continues to burn like an avalanche of flaming biohazard material sliding down a mountain of used needles into a canyon full of rat feces.” This sentiment, much like their latest Woodstock single “Number One“, is seems dreary at first but is then followed with a momentous optimism and clear energy. Lead singer John Gourley elaborates in the press release: “Remember that mountain of burning needles we were talking about? Good. Because Woodstock is an album (Including the new single “Feel It Still”) that—with optimism and heart—points at the giant pile and says, “Hey, this pile is fucked up!” And if you think that pile is fucked up too, you owe it to yourself—hell, to all of us—to get out there and do something about it.”

Portugal. The Man have begun their five month tour, which will include two stops in New York at Terminal 5, plus several festival appearances including Bonnaroo. It’s been awhile since fans have been able to see them live, so we think Portugal. The Man tickets will start running low pretty quickly. Remember, the new Portugal. The Man album Woodstock will be available June 16th. You can check out the album artwork and track-list below.

Portugal the man

Woodstock Tracklist:
01. Number One feat. Richie Havens and Son Little
02. Easy Tiger
03. Live In The Moment
04. Feel It Still
05. Rich Friends
06. Keep On
07. So Young
08. Mr Lonely feat. Fat Lip
09. Tidal Wave
10. Noise Pollution feat. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville

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