[sc name=”Flair Corner”] Look, we were never going to get as close to the excitement of last week. We were in the midst of the SummerSlam afterglow, so this week was bound to fall a little short, okay? But hey, we still got a few exciting matches and plot twists. Here’s our recap and the highlights and results from WWE Raw, SmackDown, and NXT for the week of August 27th.

Raw – August 27


Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman set a date.

In the middle of the ring, Reigns reminds us again that he’s gonna be a fighting champion. He then issued a challenge to anybody who might want a shot. Strowman’s music hit and the Monster came out, grabbed the mic, and trashed the Shield for saving Reigns last week. The Big Dog made fun of Strowman’s “get these hands” schtick and told him to cash in his contract in right here, right now in Toronto (the crowd was into that). The Monster responded that he wouldn’t cash in tonight because the Shield might run out and save Reigns, so they’ll have a title match at Hell in a Cell on September 16th… where nobody can save him.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre showed up to say how ready they were to knock both these guys off the top of Raw mountain. Cue Constable Corbin arranging a tag team match between Reigns and Strowman and Ziggler and McIntyre… for tonight!

Backstage, we saw the Monster Among Men (unnecessarily) hand in his MITB briefcase.


Reigns and Strowman defeated Ziggler and McIntyre via DQ… but not really

Aha! The twist! Strowman refused a tag from Reigns and let the heel duo stomp on his teammate until the refs called for a disqualification. Strowman then headbutted the Big Dog and threw him into the corner of the ring and nodded for Ziggler and McIntyre to continue the thrashing. Dean Ambrose tried to make the save but the heels quickly disposed of him. The three then raised their arms together in triumph and apparent solidarity. Quite the heel turn for Strowman…

Constable Corbin defeated Finn Balor. This again? They played up the fact that Balor was unprepared for the match. When Corbin hit him with a steel chair to draw the DQ, the Constable grabbed the mic to announce that he forgot to say this was a no disqualification match. He gave him another smack with the chair before getting the pin with the End of Days.


Seth Rollins defeated Kevin Owens to retain the Intercontinental Championship

This was a great surprise! Seth Rollins came out to hype up the Shield and issue an open challenge for the Intercontinental Championship. Kevin Owens answered the call and the crowd went wild. Owens lamented his terrible summer and how the lack of a partner to watch his back really hurt him. The Canadian wrestler even spoke a little French to the Toronto audience to rile them up, saying Montreal would be a better place for him to win a championship!

Deciding that Toronto would do, Owens then dominated the beginning of the match with a DDT and sleeper hold as Rollins sold a shoulder injury. After Rollins missed a Stomp, Owens hit a stunner which made the crowd go nuts. The finale came after Owens missed a moonsault and Reigns finally got the Stomp for the pin. Afterwards, Owens sat in a chair in the middle of the ring close to tears. He took the microphone and announced that he quit before walking out.


Trish Stratus interrupts Elias. The man can never get a song out. He was trashing Toronto when Stratus came out to defend her hometown. Elias accused her of wanting a piece of Elias and then said, “I don’t date women in their 60s” before receiving a slap to the face. We learned that she’ll be facing Alexa Bliss at WWE Evolution. Cue Ronda Rousey’s music.


Natalya defeated Alicia Fox. Natalya entered this match supported by Rousey and Stratus, and Bliss came down to add some drama. Natalya ended things with a discus clothesline followed by a Sharpshooter for the tapout. We also learned that we’ll be seeing a Bliss and Rousey rematch at Hell in a Cell. Oh, and the Bella Twins will be back next week.

Sasha Banks defeated Dana Brooke. Brooke has been out of commission for like nine months but Titus O’Neil booked her into this match anyway. Banks hit a Meteora from the top rope and used the Banks Statement for the tap-out. Apollo Crews consoled Brooks as an annoyed O’Neil looked on. Apparently, there’s a rift in the team…

The Revival defeated the B-Team. The B-Team’s luck finally ran out this week. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Curtis Axel for the pin, and then hit Bo Dallas with it too… for good measure.

Bobby Lashley defeated The Ascension. In this (boring) last-minute handicap match set up by a bitter Corbin, Lashley quickly wrapped things up by knocking Konnor out of the ring and getting the pin on Viktor with a version of the Big Ending.

Dean Ambrose defeated Jinder Mahal. After failing to help Ambrose achieve inner peace, Mahal met him in the ring. Ambrose got the pin off of a Dirty Deeds.

SmackDown – August 28

Charlotte Flair defeated Carmella to retain the Women’s Title and Becky Lynch attacks.

An unsurprising win for Flair (via submission using the Figure Eight), this segment was really all about the drama surrounding the match. As Flair held up the belt after the bell, Becky Lynch attacked her from behind and yelled for the mic. The crowd erupted – it’s clear they still dig her no matter how heel she may be. Lynch received resounding cheers of “Let’s go Becky” as she announced she’s taking her title back at Hell in a Cell. She then called Flair a [something that had to be beeped out] before raising the championship belt in the air.


The New Day celebrated their Tag Team Title.

These guys have a fun time in the ring and it’s just as fun to watch. Just as they were announcing that they’d been tag team champs five times now, former WCW champion and hero Booker T appeared dressed in his best king garb. He came to the ring to “knight” the guys. Each of them hit a celebratory spinaroonie, including Booker T, and they helped spin Big E around when he got a little stuck.

More AJ Styles and Samoa Joe Drama.

Styles demanded that Joe show up to the ring, but he appeared on the big screen instead. Joe pretended to talk to Wendy Styles on the phone, asking about the kids and saying, “I know why you’re angry… I’m going to keep the promise that AJ never did and I’m gonna send him home.” He finished the call by asking Styles’s wife if she’d save him a plate at the back-to-school barbecue next week. Okay, this was kinda funny. Styles then ran out of the ring, searching for Joe backstage and in the parking lot to no avail.


Daniel Bryan defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas and Miz attacks.

Bryan and Bella cut an in-ring promo during which they hyped up their rivalry and future match with Miz and Maryse at Hell in a Cell. Almas and Vega interrupted them and Paige created an official match between Almas and Bryan on the spot. About halfway into the match, however, surprise, surprise, the Miz and Maryse attacked (forcing the DQ just before Bryan could pull off the win). Maryse took on Bella while Miz hopped in the ring to tackle Bryan. Almas and Vega joined in to beat up on Bella and Bryan, and things only ended when Miz got Bryan in the Yes Lock and Maryse hit Bella with a DDT.

Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy seal their fates for Hell in a Cell. Instead of beating the hell out of each other this week, we got a promo instead. Hardy summarized the violence of the last few SmackDowns before calling out Orton. Orton responded immediately and began to brag about how vicious he is. Hardy informed Orton they’ll be facing each other at Hell in a Cell, something Hardy has wanted for ages (apparently).

The Bar defeated The Good Brothers and The Colons. The Bar now moves closer to the number one contender spot for the Tag Team Title match against The New Day. GM Paige announced that Rusev and Aiden English would take on Sanity and The Usos next week… for a chance to beat The Bar.

Billie Kay defeated Naomi. Peyton Royce helped out just a smidge by kicking Naomi in the head. Kay then rolled her up for the pin.


NXT – August 29

GM William Regal and Johnny Gargano Discuss the Attack on Aleister Black

So apparently Aleister Black was attacked, and General Manager William Regal said backstage that he was starting an investigation into who did it. Johnny Gargano came out supporting himself with a crutch, finally not so moody anymore after losing his title shot at Takeover: Brooklyn. He apologized to the crowd for his recent behavior as they chanted “Johnny Wrestling” in support.

Regal then came out to ask if Gargano was responsible for the attack on Black. Gargano responded that Regal need only look in his eyes to know the answer. The Velveteen Dream also showed up and said that this night should be about him, not Johnny Failure. Gargano quickly cast aside his crutch (in the Dream’s face) as Regal announced a match between the two of them for next week.

Lars Sullivan interrupts a match between EC3 and Raul Mendoza. Well, the match never actually began as The Freak chose this moment to make his triumphant return. Sullivan finished Mendoza off with the Freak Accident and after referring to NXT as “Lars’s World.”


The Undisputed Era defeated Pete Dunne and Ricochet. Cole and Strong got Ricochet alone and proceeded to beat him up good before he could finally tag Dunne into the mix. Dunne came out with some force, but later in the match, Ricochet inadvertently took out his partner with a dive. Cole got the pin on Dunne for the win. As the Undisputed Era began to work on Ricochet, the War Raiders came out to chase them away.

Dakota Kai defeated Aliyah with a pin following a series of kicks and the code red backstabber.

Keith Lee defeated Luke Menzies. Lee got his second NXT victory using a powerbomb on the unknown wrestler to get the pin.

Did you watch? What’d you think?

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